Andi Hidi


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eAssist Team

Most offices require a trained team to take care of their needs. Our teams will do just that and make everything run smoothly with the backing of the entire eAssist Nation!

Claim Submission

Submit all electronic dental claims daily for all patients with all corresponding attachments, including x-rays, narratives, and intraoral photos if available.

Insurance Claims Aging

Follow up on all outstanding claims over 14 days, update status on all of them, and file any appeals if needed.

Insurance Verification

Verify that an insurance plan is active 24-48 business hours prior to your patient's appointment. Minimize surprises and unforseen cancellations.

An eAssist Success Consultant

It takes more than one person to take care of a successful office. Our teams of consultants at eAssist can set you up for years of success in your office. or 678-956-2472

About Me

With almost 20 years of dental experience, I have been a part of the many sides of a dental office, from chairside assisting, to paperless transitions, patient relations, and of course dental billing and insurance. This allows me to tackle the insurance field with a different perspective and implement systems that make each office more efficient and receive proper insurance reimbursement for the hard work of everyone in the office.